Covid-19 and your money - ADVICE OR NOT?

Although Covid-19 continues to hold its grip over us, it’s not all doom and gloom. A vaccine is being trialled and all being well we may possibly be able to finally overcome this pandemic. But can we inoculate ourselves against our common nemesis – procrastination about our finances? Let’s find out…

Despite the turmoil we may be finding ourselves in, life doesn’t just stop, it very much goes on and for a lot of us, taking a hard look at our money situation. But what of taking advice? I get asked this question a lot – why should I take advice? Can I not read about my options and decide based on that, after all, surely I know what is best for me? Maybe my friends can point me in the right direction?

These questions are completely natural and I encourage you to ask them! The answers, a maze of different options; so it’s confusing, maybe a little frightening and most probably unknown. Similar to the feelings conjured by this pandemic. But unlike Covid, your retirement, investment or mortgage options are not a set of unknowns.

With the right help, guidance and support, you too can beat feelings of uncertainty around your retirement. And contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be rich to seek advice, all you need is a desire to make the most of your financial options, given your circumstances.

Make no mistake, financial planning is complex. It's risk based and it's all about you. Would you use the internet to self-diagnose your symptoms instead of going to your GP? No? So why would you attempt something like this with your finances? You and your family's future is worth more than googling your money options.

Wherever you find yourself on the financial planning journey, know that the value of proper professional advice can actually be measured. Measured in pounds and pence, in savings and in returns, in peace of mind.

Ultimately whether you decide to go with your own choice or be smart with your money and seek financial advice, the value you get from the latter will not be a compromise. The prospect of deep insights, experience and knowledge is no comparison to googling your possible options. Independent financial adviser will be able to look at your situation from all angles. From your personal circumstances, family arrangements, employment history to how you feel about risk, from life expectancy to tax efficiency – the approach will be multi-pronged and unique to you. Independent financial advice does make sense and it does pay off to seek the right adviser who will understand you and your goals.

Silvia Johnson BSc(Hons) DipPFS EFA CertCII (MP) is a Director & Independent Financial Adviser at Royale Thames Wealth Ltd.

Royale Thames Wealth Ltd is an Appointed Representative of New Leaf Distribution Ltd which is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority number 460421. The value of your investment may go up as well as down and the value is not guaranteed. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. Wills and Estate Planning are not regulated by the FCA.

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