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The uncertainty surrounding coronavirus outbreak continues and means that mixing with people may be off-limits - at least temporarily but social isolation does not mean you need to face important decisions on your own. I’d like to reassure you that we are very much monitoring not only your financial plans but also the world at large and are here for you whenever you need us, to help you minimise the impact on your finances and your wellbeing.

It appears that we are all going to have to weather this particular storm and I have lived through a few during my working life - remember in tough times, those that hold their nerve and don’t panic are the ones that reap the benefits. It may be tough, but we should always keep that thought in our minds.

As a natural born optimist and ever hopeful for the future, the current situation has got me thinking. What are the positives that we can take from this? What happens during uncertain times?

It forces us to stop and take a step back. And this is what is happening in the world right now - the virus is forcing us to step back and stop, albeit hopefully only temporarily.

A whole new economy will be created in front of our eyes. New products and new services will be created that will enhance our lives. Downturns are the time for opportunity and more inventions are created during these times, leading to greater growth and developments.

On a light hearted note, if you are out of toilet rolls, you can always order a travel bidet on Amazon, I must confess, I never knew travel bidets even existed and have certainly never thought that I needed to own one.

Book a call with me. Email me. Text me. However you prefer to keep in touch please do so - I am here to listen, support and help.

In the interests of not exposing our clients to any more risks than we really need to, for the time being we have implemented a non-face to face client meeting policy. Keeping in touch via the internet is becoming the new normal - we can either speak directly over the phone, whatsApp or use Zoom video conference call software. However you prefer to communicate please do!

And last but not least, thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue to guide you with your future plans and investments. Right now, the world is looking for direction, for leadership and I am doing my best to step up. Here to guide and serve you, listening to what you need and to reassure you. My goal for the remainder of the year is to be your guide, weathering the storm, doing whatever needs to be done..

As winter always follows autumn - spring always follows the winter - in troubling times, a better time is always just around the corner.

Take care and stay safe.


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